Research & Development

Dedicated Research: AEGLE Nutrition’s well-known industry expertise lies in its ability to fund and carry out research critical to the development of state-of-the-art products in a variety of categories, from Health and Wellness to Sports Nutrition. Instead of just relying on the research of others, AEGLE uses its own formulations in double-blind, peer-reviewed research studies that have been published in major journals around the world.

Science Based Formulation Work: AEGLE employs the finest research team anywhere, from Pharmacologists to Exercise Physiologists. This team of experts has been responsible for two United States Patents and many more patent-pending formulations. By working with both new and current ingredients, AEGLE uses both its past experiences and published work to create innovative new approaches in perfecting product stability, delivery methods and other critical formulation factors.

Constantly Evolving Capabilities: Today’s dietary supplement industry is so dynamic that new, promising ingredients are being discovered everyday. However, the utilization of these new ingredients takes time and dedication in the laboratory before they should be introduced to retail shelves. With expanded capabilities and increased technology, AEGLE will continue to provide the research necessary to provide cutting edge products that really work.

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