Packaging Solutions

Aegle Nutrition provides a full line of packaging solutions including:

  • Bulk– Aegle Nutrition provides powder filling for all types of powder products including sports blends (i.e. Protein, Creatine, Energy, Pre-Workout, Post-Workout, etc.) and condition-specific blends (anti-aging, immune support, bone health, joint, focus, antioxidants, men’s/women’s health issues, health & beauty, etc.). The state of the art automated powder packaging lines ensures that your product is being bottled accurately and efficiently while our focus on Quality Control ensures cGMP requirements are met every time.
  • Stick Pack– Stick Packs offer an exciting new way to provide a single-dose powder serving that is easy to mix into a bottle of water. Your customer can easily carry an individual dose in their pocket or purse. Stick Packs offer your customer convenience and your company the ability to further spread the word about your brand. Additionally, stick packs can be used for cost-effective sampling as Aegle Nutrition’s equipment can be utilized for low and high volume production.
  • Sachet– Sachets packets offer a way to provide a single dose serving of (i.e. proteins, creatine, energy, pre-workout, post-workout, etc.). Our sachet packaging lines allow for a variety of packet sizes and fill volumes to be packaged accurately and efficiently while our focus on Quality ensures cGMP requirements are met every time.
  • Capsules– Aegle Nutrition can meet your capsule manufacturing requirements. Our cGMP facility is FDA compliant which means you can rely on us for superior quality capsule products that will meet high-quality standards. We have access to any 2 piece gelatin or vegetable capsule size and color and have long-time partnerships with manufacturers to meet your every need.
  • Bottles– Our state of the art liquid bottling line allows for a variety of bottling options.
    • Capabilities ranging from 2oz to 1 gallon.
    • The ability to hot fill or cold fill
    • Labeling bottles with shrink sleeves or glue labels